Comprehensive Connections
    Connecting you with the help you need

Connecting individuals with disability, addictions or functional limitations with
appropriately determined services to improve their quality of life.
Mental Health
Facility Mission:

To provide a wide range
of accessible, coordinated
case management and
counseling services to
persons residing in
Jefferson, Hamilton and
surrounding counties
who are experiencing
behavioral problems in
order to enhance their
quality of life.
Facility Mission:

To provide work,
personal, self-care and
independence training
and development to
individuals with
disabilities residing in
Jefferson and
surrounding counties so
that they will work,
learn, and live
Facility Mission:

To provide assistance to
persons 60+ in Jefferson
County to develop and
maintain independence
and dignity by
providing congregate
meals, home delivered
meals, information /
referral outreach,
transportation, and
other related services.
Substance Abuse
Facility Mission:

To provide a safe place for
withdrawal, assessment,
education, counseling,
linkage, and referral to
persons in Southern
Illinois affected by
substance use in order to
attain physical and  
emotional stabilization
and to minimize the
impact of substance use on
their lives.