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Recycling Program
Provided by
Vocational Services
program was first adopted in the early 1970’s by collecting recyclables from our janitorial worksites. In mid-2012, we found room for improvement
and expanded our recycling program to the community as a whole, focusing on our area schools, churches and businesses. Our recycling program
helps reduce the “bottom line“ of waste disposal expenses. It also has substantial, positive benefits for the local and global environment.

The three steps associated with the Recycling Program include:

1.Collections: Bins are placed in the community to collect paper, plastics and aluminum.
2.Processing: The collected materials are brought back to the agency for processing
3.Marketing: The processed materials are marketed to a local vendor at a fair market value to provide a
sustainable funding stream for the continuation of the program

If you are interested in participating as a recycling partner, or working in the Recycling Program, please feel free to contact our agency.

Remember, you can ”close the loop” by purchasing and using supplies made of recyclable materials.

Contact Vocational Services at 618-242-1510 Option 5 for more information or to sign up for Recycling Services.
16338 N IL HWY 37
Mt. Vernon, IL  62864