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Behavioral Healthcare - Mental Health
Children, adolescents, and adults can learn skills to adjust to divorce, alleviate depression or anxiety, improve parenting, control anger, increase
seft-esteem or recover from a mental illness.

Outpatient - Professional staff help individuals and families identify problems and strengths and to learn new and more effective ways of coping.

Crisis Intervention – Professional staff provide compassionate assistance to callers with emergency situations.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation – Psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) provides opportunities to manage and recover from a serious and persistent mental
illness. You will receive individual and group support, skills training, learn symptom management and the proper use of medication.

Intensive Case Management for Individuals with Severe Mental Illness – Staff assist eligible individuals and families with skills related to personal
care, community living, home management, accessing medical care and medication management. We will provide supportive counseling and

For more information, call the Mental Health division during regular business hours.
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